Knowledge and technology transfer ensures that the information produced and a new technology developed are transferred to the institutions and organizations that can benefit from it. In the case of the university, it can be defined as the transfer of intellectual property, expertise, learning, skills, processes, services, technology and products between the academic world and the non-academic world. The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office at Yaşar University manages the process by which knowledge and technology produced at regional universities, especially at Yaşar University, is transformed into an economic and social value by providing the benefit of reasonable organizations, the private sector, and society. The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office manages the process of benefiting for universities, public, private and community sectors. The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office operates as an efficient and simple interface between the university, the public, the private sector, and the community.



The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (KTTO) manages the process of transforming the knowledge and technology developed as a result of researches and studies at Yaşar University into economic and social value. KTTO organizes various information activities and training within this scope. In addition, R&D projects funded by contracted projects or grant programs jointly carried out by government-university-industry cooperation, the private sector and public institutions are also activities of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office. Intellectual property protection (patenting, utility model and industrial design registrations) commercialization (licensing) and supporting innovative entrepreneurship are among the other main activities carried out by KTTO.